Pubic Talks

Very busy.
No plans to talk in 2018 after May 1 2018.
Hope in 2019.


15/10/2018 – panel discussion  “Digital Silk Road: Elevating its Reality” @ Horasis China Meeting . 

14/10/2018 – panel discussion “AI for Business”  @ AI Ukraine Conference. 

12/10/2018 – “Future Image Sensors for SLAM and Indoor 3D Mapping” @ Image Sensors Americas 2018, San Francisco, USA . 


08/05/2018 – judge  @ InnoSTARS startups competition, San Francisco, USA.

17/04/2018 – panel discussion  @ Deloitte TMT Predictions. 

04/28/2018 – Computer Vision and SLAM for AR/VR and Robotics Shanghai, China.

03/14/2018 – How 3D Maps for Mobile, AR and Robots Will Change the World (Image Sensors Europe 2018, London, UK).


11/15/2017 –  How 3D Mapping Technology Will Change the World (Collaborative Robots and Advanced Vision, San Jose, California, USA).

07/01/2017 – AR/VR  Panel discussion (TiECON, Santa Clara, CA, USA)

06/01/2017 – SLAM 3D Maps Worth More Than Google Maps (Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA, USA).

05/01/2017 – How 3D Maps Will Change the World (Embedded Vision Summit, Santa Clara, CA, USA).

06/01/2017 – AR/VR  Panel discussion (SVEF, Santa Clara, CA, USA)


12/06/2016 – Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in Agriculture (to the Board of the National Academy of Sciences USA, Washington DC, USA).

08/05/2016 – How to move your business to Silicon Valley (Opening AR/VR Hub Ceremony, Chongqing, China)

11/05/2016- Machine on the Move Deconstructing Autonomous Navigation (THE HIVE THINK TANK PANEL, Palo Alto, CA, USA).

09/07/2016 – Future: Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality + Artifitial Intelligence (IT Arena, Lviv, Ukraine).


06/01/2015 – Augmented Reality for real estate (Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA, USA).

04/16/2015 – Augmented and Virtual Reality in real estate sales and interior design (MIPIM, Cannes, France).


05/01/2014 – Augmented Reality Use Cases and Challenges (Embedded Vision Alliance Member Meeting, Santa Clara, CA, USA).

06/01/2014 – Augmented Reality for Marketing and Brands (Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA, USA).


03/01/2013 – Future of AR (FutureConf, Lviv, Ukraine).