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I have invested in Semantic Sales project.

Below is an article(translated from Ukrainian language) about this project, published in

A software developer with 10 years of experience and expertise in the field of server technologies from Odessa Yaroslav Pogrebnyak has launched a project called Semantic Sales, which allows you to turn your email service in a CRM-system for sales.


The basic idea is to make email a more effective tool without installation of plugins and other add-ons. Company has raised angel investment and is introducing its project to the public.
Before starting his own project, Yaroslav worked for more than seven years as a senior-developer at Ciklum, and other companies; two years ago he took the position of a software architect in a company Teradek. In 2014 Yaroslav with his friends began the development of Semantic Sales.
“The industry has come to understanding that email should be reinvented. And that with the help of interesting technologies such as machine learning specific problems of consumers can be solved,”- Yaroslav explains the background behind their product.
The idea of the Semantic Sales is to facilitate the work of a business development or sales professional with the help of a third-party service that does not need to be integrated into the email service as a separate plugin. At the moment, the system supports two basic functions:
• analyzes an email box and reminds a user about forgotten emails and emails that he promised to answer;
• gathers information about the sender of the letter and visualizes it for the user.

In other words thanks to Semantic Sales you won’t need to go over everything in the Inbox in search for the letters to be answered, and won’t need to deal with labels and sorting. The system will send reminders when someone should be answered. And if someone unknown has contacted you – the service will collect information from his/her social accounts.

Creators of Semantic Sales believe that the main advantage of the service is its independence. “Our technological difference from the competitors (e.g, Streak) is that we are not a plugin that runs in the browser, but the service that connects to the storage of letters and transforms it,” – says Yaroslav.
At the moment, the service works only with Gmail and is connected to it via OAuth. In the future, it will expand to other e-mail services.
Vitaliy Goncharuk, CEO and founder of another company – Augmented Pixels, became an angel investor and a project assistant. Vitaliy believes that the main potential of the project lies in the development of machine learning technology of Semantic Sales.

Right now there is 60-day trial period available on the website of a project. After that, the use of the system will cost $9 per month. That will be the business model of the service. Until this week Semantic Sales was in “stealth mode”, now it became public.
Let us recall, Vitaly Goncharuk recently gave us an interview where he described how he himself was able to build a company Augmented Pixels and to raise around $1.5 mln of investment.

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