The Metaverse, real-world and its correlation

Ahead of the mass production of HMDs I’m pleased to see the consolidation of old terms (AR, VR, AR Cloud, XR, virtual games etc.) into one — Metaverse. It was difficult to explain to third parties the differences and similarities between all these industries earlier but semantic integration into one universal sphere should now increase the capitalization of all players.

I would like to draw your attention to one aspect, ignoring which could lead the Metaverse industry to big problems in the near future. Continue reading “The Metaverse, real-world and its correlation”

AI Bureaucracy vs Human Bureaucracy

I think that each of us has faced the bureaucracy of public authorities when the solution to your personal issue is not provided for in the system or the question is too innovative and unusual that it takes ages to resolve it.

Sometimes there is no solution within the system at all and the system needs modernization (e.g. the adoption of a new law, an act or a judicial decision).

In this case, we can talk about “reprogramming” of human systems, when a person or a group of people has to make changes (or build new mechanisms) with the help of built-in mechanisms of the system.

In fact, reprogramming of one human system occurs with the help of another human system. 

In some respect, one can even say that one group of people tries to change neurons connection of another group of people :=) (I think very few people seriously considered the fact that passing the law ultimately aims to change the connections between neurons in voters’ minds).  Continue reading “AI Bureaucracy vs Human Bureaucracy”

Virtual Reality: Gender and Religious barriers

I sell Virtual Reality solutions of my company Augmented Pixels since 2011.

For the last 2 years we have participated in exhibitions on three continents – North America (the United States), Europe (the Great Britain) and Asia/Middle East (the UAE, Turkey)

As I represent the company at the booth, and communicate directly with people, first feedback about our products comes directly to me.

It is a lot of fun to observe how unexpected obstacles sometimes arise on the way of new technologies due to gender differences and religious traditions of people. Continue reading “Virtual Reality: Gender and Religious barriers”

My Dream is to finish building the drone from my childhood :=)


In the previous blog post “Automotive modeling – my childhood hobby in the USSR” I wrote about how I was building car models and participated in competitions with them when I was 7 years old.

After two years of building model cars, I wanted to focus on creating model aircrafts.

They do not look like modern drones, but definitely are their predecessors.

What is a model aircraft?
It is an airplane with a gasoline or a kerosene engine that flies around the pilot and is controlled by means of special wire ropes. These models are called control line aircrafts in the USA –

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 8.37.03 AM

Continue reading “My Dream is to finish building the drone from my childhood :=)”

Startups: Focusing on Execution Instead of Employees’ Innovation

We often observe that successful startups are created by former employees of other innovative companies, where their ideas were not taken seriously and were left without consideration.

Why does this happening? Why do people with brilliant ideas leave companies and start their own businesses rather than realizing their ideas within existing structures and possibly earn more money easier? Continue reading “Startups: Focusing on Execution Instead of Employees’ Innovation”

Lifehack: how to improve your sales skills in Silicon Valley for free :=)

In March 2015 one of my startups Augmented Pixels raised $ 1m in investments from VC investors.

We got pretty good news coverage in mass media.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.26.38 PM

The next day after that my phone started ringing off the hook as different sales managers were offering me everything from headhunting and office leasing services to obscure сloud servers … and even offering to send me the news about funding printed and put in a frame.

newspaper articles blog

The first reaction to this load of sales calls was simple – just to hang the phone as soon as I realized that that was not a client calling but just another attempt to sell me something.

But in a day this strategy did not help anymore – phone calls became very frequent, 2 phone calls per hour. I became sick of them and even started to think about turning off the phone for a week, which was of course unacceptable.

But what to do in such a desperate situation?

Of course, look for ways to get profit !!!! Continue reading “Lifehack: how to improve your sales skills in Silicon Valley for free :=)”

Technology – a ticket to the top for regional elites

As i may see existing global generating centers of meanings and concepts relate regional elites to the category of “public services” and actively reduce the percentage of added value, which is given to these elites for their services as renumeration.
How these elites can increase the amount of added value and the subjectivity (the possibility of their participation in global processes and “elevated added value” is meant under the notion – subjectivity)?

The most famous method in the whole course of history is war, which resulted in the regional elite to increase its influence and thereby gain greater weight in global processes.
But in today’s world wars have already lost their significance and do not guarantee the ability to enter any niche, since society has ceased to function on the “territorial principle”.

Moreover, the physical seizure of the territory significantly reduces the competitive performance, whereas the main resources are the social structure, people and their ability to generate technologies, meanings, ideas, but not “mineral resources”. The war destroys society and throws it far back including the comparison to invading society. Continue reading “Technology – a ticket to the top for regional elites”