Startups: Focusing on Execution Instead of Employees’ Innovation

We often observe that successful startups are created by former employees of other innovative companies, where their ideas were not taken seriously and were left without consideration.

Why does this happening? Why do people with brilliant ideas leave companies and start their own businesses rather than realizing their ideas within existing structures and possibly earn more money easier?

I often hear that the cause for this is the worthless leadership that does not pay attention to the employees’ ideas, but in fact this is not always the case.

The main difference between live and dead startup is not the number of cool ideas, but the quality of their implementation.

Startup should focus on one or two ideas and their implementation, rather than many, otherwise it would not have enough resources to test all the hypotheses, and it will not build efficient execution of any of them.

I can also be too focused sometimes and ask my colleagues to achieve concrete goals instead of generating ideas. Well … this is the reality.

What should employees, who are really sure in the prospects of their ideas, do, when the CEO does not want to bring to live their ideas within the company?

If you do decide to realize your idea and leave the company, try to discuss this with the CEO as with a potential partner. While he required focusing on the fulfillment of company goals before, he can have a valuable entrepreneurial point of view on your idea and be your first mentor and investor.

At first, he/she could help you solve many issues you haven’t even thought of before.

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