Lifehack: how to improve your sales skills in Silicon Valley for free :=)

In March 2015 one of my startups Augmented Pixels raised $ 1m in investments from VC investors.

We got pretty good news coverage in mass media.

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The next day after that my phone started ringing off the hook as different sales managers were offering me everything from headhunting and office leasing services to obscure сloud servers … and even offering to send me the news about funding printed and put in a frame.

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The first reaction to this load of sales calls was simple – just to hang the phone as soon as I realized that that was not a client calling but just another attempt to sell me something.

But in a day this strategy did not help anymore – phone calls became very frequent, 2 phone calls per hour. I became sick of them and even started to think about turning off the phone for a week, which was of course unacceptable.

But what to do in such a desperate situation?

Of course, look for ways to get profit !!!!

Suddenly, I got an idea that maybe I should start communicating with salespeople who called me every day. After all, they know English well, they were taught how to speak, they have a scheme of selling, they are able to work with the objections, and so on. Why not to learn from them and improve my English? ”

As a result, I spent 3 weeks communicating with salespeople 1-1, 5 hours a day and I can assure you that it had some results:

1. I managed to improve my business English pronunciation;
2. I learnt a few new schemes how to handle client objections (had to play a stupid, inadequate and loony customer when dealing with several salespeople)
3. I liked two of the sales managers so much that I invited them for an interview to fill the similar vacancy in my company;

Did you like my lifehack? Enjoy!

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