RoboCommunism in the USA?

I was born in the Soviet Union and still remember that before 1991 there were futile attempts of society organization according to Karl Marx’s sayings.


But people did not survive the 75-year-old experiment and during 5 years(1986-91) destroyed the system of fake communism and started creating the wild capitalism by copying the available simplified models and ruthlessly instilling its (capitalistic) qualities and meanings to all levels of society.

Now we have become witnesses and participants of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robot Revolution, which will lead to the fact that 75-90% of people will not need to work because they will not be able to compete with robots.

Western institutions actively model options of the new organization of society in response to the change in the system of labor distribution, suggesting that 80-90% of people, regardless of their labor efficiency will receive a so-called “basic income”.

Robots and AI will essentially provide this “basic income”.

Doesn’t it look like Communism, based on the exploitation of robots instead of “exploitation” of the working class? =)

Will the West copy the social model of the Soviet Union, when people were oriented on the endless operations, rather than “results” and “market”?

What to do with the countries that are on the path of building “wild capitalism” from “communism”: should they stop halfway and move backwards in the organization of their 75% of societies?

I have more questions than answers…. =)

But the show must go on!


Best regards,


Vitaliy Goncharuk

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