Will employers “hire” neural networks /robots instead of Harvard/Stanford students?

July 9-10, 2016 – was a wonderful and very interesting weekend: on Saturday I organized the Eastern European Computer Vision Conference, and on Sunday I held a private event for 20 people with INCOSE Russian chapter research director to discuss the burning issues in the field of Systems Engineering.

A lot of conclusions after such intellectual weekend have been made.

The most interesting of those that can be published is the following:

The education system in the last years has been actively discussing issues of reforms and changes in teaching methods, but nothing really revolutionary has been offered – it is mainly the “imitation” of changes and reforms.

Why do I think so?

The point is that education system still does not understand what kind of product it should produce in 5 years, and who this product will compete with.

“What kind of product will it produce? Of course, graduates,” – the reader of this post will say.

Not at all!

In 5 years the majority of corporations before hiring new staff will be comparing (and some are already comparing) their effectiveness with “software neural networks.”

This realization leads to a very interesting conclusion – from the viewpoint of corporations modern education system must produce not ephemeral «graduates», but specific “living neural networks” (“graduates”), which can be compared in effectiveness with “software neural networks ” throughout the period of their “operation”.

This realization of this and general thinking at this level of abstraction would allow modern system of education to understand that in 5 years it will not compete with universities in other countries, but with such giants like Intel, NVIDIA etc.


And this is a forecast only for the period 2020-2040.

What will happen next?

Wording of the least “scary” response, which I was able to think of is the following: “Apparently universities and corporations of the Silicon Valley will combine their efforts to produce generic “product”: =)

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